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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 19, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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march and the deadly consequences this can have for us here at home. set your recorder to record this is a fox news alert. president obama sending 300 americans to iraq. he calls them military advisors but they are going right into a danger zone, a country in chaos. and tonight many say president obama is the reason iraq is a disaster. >> and with terrorists marching towards baghdad, we have asked the president for a strategy. [explosion] >> this is about counter terrorism and this is about the future security of the united states. >> we will be prepared to take targeted and precise military action. >> until the leaders of our government stop making these bad choices, we will continue to be left with bad
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options. will white house has known for months about this situation in iraq. >> terrorists who seek to murder americans. >> iran can play a constructive role. >> this is the height of foolishness. >> military advisors, 3 of them heading to iraq. what the iraqis think of that you live from baghdad to the white house and to karl rove to tell us what he thinks. the obama administration did wrong in iraq. and how close is isis to achieving its ultimate goal. we investigate plus congresswoman served in iraq. she goes "on the record" in minutes. first to baghdad. jane is there live. jane, first of all, has the word sort of gotten there about the 300 advisors? >> well it has filtered in. most important to most iraqis, greta than potential air strikes that really has a lot of people unsettled here. it's what has kept people
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off the streets. the 300 advisors, as long as they don't see them, not too much of a problem in most people's minds. >> how does it feel there right now? you have been there for some time. does it more dangerous like more trouble on the way? do you worry about the islamic jihadists coming up the road to baghdad? >> >> well, there is a lot of people in the green zone worried about that and the green zone, of course, is home to the u.s. embassy and to iraqi government officials. but, it really varies. depending on how close you are to the cities that have been taken over. near mosul in the north where i was just a couple days ago, things are extremely tense because really that's just about 10 miles from a city that has been taken over by islamic fighters. here in baghdad, it's kind of further away. so, while there is a feeling that they are waiting for something to happen, life is oddly normal here. the streets are a little bit quieter than usual. but oddly enough, there aren't as many car bombs as
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there normally are. it seems as if the people setting those off are tied up at the moment taking over cities. so, it's an odd kind of situation. even for a country like this that's used to war. >> any update on the largest oil refinery there? i understand that there were problems there a short time ago. >> that is one of the places that iraqi government forces are trying very hard to take back. now, that's the refinery that refines a lot of gasoline, a lot of the heating, the fuel that runs electricity plants. and the iraqi government would like it back. but that fighting is still going on. and it's a measure of how successful this on slot has been that the fighters have managed to take over that refinery. it indicates that they are doing this very strategically and picking their targets really quite carefully. again, still under control of insurgents, fighters and
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iraqi government still. >> what's the sense about maliki? >> it's a strange dynamic here. if you listen to iraqi television it, kind of reminds you a lot of television before 2003. because it doesn't really bear a lot of relation to reality. a lot of message coming from the prime minister and government officials is that iraq is standing together. that they are going to fight this. they are going to defeat it, but, of course, there is a fiction going on here about why exactly this is happening. in the the narrative of the iraqi government, it's really that this has been exported from abroad. this is everybody else's fault. hell fire missiles and air strikes is not going to solve this is that a lot of these problems are homegrown. none of that has been addressed this public. we are hoping it's being
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addressed behind closed doors. really the image and the message you get on television from the government is we're fighting. this we're winning, and here in the streets and out in those cities, it's a different story, greta. >> jane, thank you. >> did and president obama blow it? is it his fault for pulling american forces out too quickly? now president obama saying he will send 300 military advisors to iraq but not combat troops. the president not ruling out military action. >> in recent days, we have positioned additional u.s. military assets in the region. because of our increased intelligence resources, we are developing more information about the potential targets associated with isil and going forward we will be prepared to take targeted and precise military action if and when we determine that the situation on the ground requires it. >> fox news white house chief correspondent ed henry joins us. ed, a lot going on there at the white house over iraq.
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>> that's right, greta. i mean, it's almost like goldilocks diplomacy. not too hot, not too cold, just right. that's what the president was trying to find was a balance here. a classic obama move. he decides to not completely decide just yet. he gives these conservative critics who have been saying jump in here, do something the country is falling apart, extremists are taking over. they might launch terror attacks against the u.s. he says look, i am taking some military action, not air strikes but sending military advisors and leaving the door wide open to potential air strikes if these military advisors can get intelligence on the ground besides training and helping the iraqi forces. but get intelligence for better targets against these extremists and then to people concerned, allies on the left like nancy pelosi, harry reid said saying don't go deeper here, he insists today it's not mission creep, it's not going to it be actual combat forces but, of course, once these folks are in harm's way, we don't know what's going to happen. and so the door is open to a wider conflict but he is trying to stress that he is keeping a lid on it, just
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trying to help the situation on the ground and so, maybe it's just right for now, not deep military action, the question is going to be 48 hours. four days, a week from now, what's going on with these extremists? are they getting any closer to baghdad? for now he is hoping put a lid on it. >> ed, thank you. of course, speaker of the house john boehner has been slamming president obama saying terrorism is on the rise under the president's watch. >> the white house has known for months about this situation in iraq. and when you look, it's not just iraq. it's libya, it's egypt, it's syria, the spread of terrorism has increased exponentially under this president's leadership. >> karl rove joins us. nice to see you, karl. >> good to he see you, greta. >> karl, is this the president's has he contributed to this, something that he has done or failed to do or is this just inevitable in that region of the world? >> well, i think that his actions or lack of actions in some instances made it
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worse. let's take some of the countries that speaker boehner mentioned. syria. when assad was in danger of falling. the president said he had to go for power, al qaeda was present in syria but it was weak. the president took no action. no action to support the free syrian army which was more modern in nature and as a result the al qaeda and syria was allowed to grow. a lot of the fighters in iraq today have been trained and harbored inside syria and have come into the country from syria to iraq. in fact, many of them are are not iraqis. many of them are not even syrians for that matter. you heard senator rubio talk about the fact that one of them was from florida. there are people from all around the world that have been drawn to al qaeda in syria and are now attempting to create this calafate. this radical islamic state that takes part of syria and part of iraq. take northern africa. al qaeda is now in egypt. the united states was disengaged and uninvolved in libya in the aftermath of
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the removal of qualify and al qaeda strength. al qaeda and its affiliates have spread throughout north africa. into the subis you is aharrah. they are growing in east africa. the last three plots were all launched from ray man. iraq itself, the decision not to leave a residual force is a big mistake. the president said he wanted one, he sent vice president biden and negotiated, which was a mistake. the president needed to negotiate it. it it did not come together. and in large measure because of two things, one the president low balled the number of troops less than the military wanted, less than the iraqis wanted. and, second of all, he required parliamentary approval of the status of forces agreement which had not been done before and which was difficult if not impossible for maliki to do given that it was in the middle of forming a parliamentary government. the president bears responsibility. does anybody think that there would have been iranian overflights to syria had there been a u.s.
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presence in iraq? no does anybody think that this thing would have gotten going like it is and been able to roll as fast as it's rolled if there is were u.s. advisors, u.s. logistics and assets and training on the ground, no. well, given where we are and the president now saying that it's not going to be combat, 300 military advisors, you know, where is this going? what do you predict is going to happen? >> well, i think it's inadequate. if you are in, get. in which means that resident 300, whatever the military thinks they need has got to be several hundred, maybe low thousand in terms of putting people out there who did make determination about whether or not air power is needed. who can can give advice and counsel and training to the iraqi front line units who can give intelligence and strategic advice to the commanders and who can advise the united states what it ought to do. >> so you think we should do more? >> i want the -- what military y to accomplish the mission of stabilizing the iraqis. we don't need 10,000 u.s.
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troops on the ground. we wouldn't need 10,000 u.s. combat troops if we had a residual force. but we would need people who could do things like intelligence and who could do strategic planning and provide logistical support and protect the troops that we have got on the ground. the personnel that we have got on the ground. >> how do you define at this point our national interests? because that would be the driving force whether we do anything or not. we have to have some national interest. what's the shorthand description of this? >> i would say there are three strategic interests we have got. one is we want a stable iraq because in the aftermath of 9/11 we cannot have a failed state emerge in the heart of the middle east, particularly one with the third largest oil reserves in the world. second of all, we want to stop the existence, the creation of radical islamic state involving part of syria and part of iraq. we saw what happened in 9/11 when such a state arose in afghanistan and the enemy was allowed to be able to harbor, train and prepare
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for missions against the united states. third of all, we want to reduce iranian influence in the nation. iran is an enemy of the united states. it is a sworn enemy of israel. we should not allow iran's influence in this vital part of the world to grow. we have a clear strategic interest after 9/11 in making certain that no additional terror threats grow like they are growing today. >> well, to meet all three of those puts us right back in the soup. puts us right back in iraq with both feet. >> no, it doesn't. it need not do that and, particularly, if we give the right kind of support in the right kind of measure, this doesn't require us -- look, we had won that battle. we had won the battle and largely the president was correct when he depicted iraq as a reasonably stable, reasonably democratic country moving in the right direction. it would have kept moving in the right direction had he done what american presidents, democrat and republican have done since world war ii and faced with similar circumstances and that is they kept an american presence. whether it was harry truman and dwight eisenhower in korea and europe. you know, on up to the
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president. do we think the world would look a lot different if america had not stayed and remained in these places of danger over the years? you bet the world would look a lot different. >> karl, thank you. >> you bet. thank you, greta. >> and there is a heavy military presence in the streets of baghdad as militants known as isis close in on iraqi capital. how close is isis to achieving its goal. "wall street journal" jason bellini joins us. jason, how close is isis to achieving its goal? >> thank you, greta. well, first, this is a group that is wildly ambitious and very clear about what its goal is. as karl rove just said, the area that they want to take over is in syria and in iraq. and if you look at the map, you know, really at this point, they've accomplished a fair amount. now, they haven't secured all of that area that's gray on that map right there, but they have really managed to take over some key cities, mosul being the most important of those in iraq. that's the second largest city in iraq. now, they were able to do this by gutting into iraq
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through syria. you know, in the chaos of the civil war in syria, they managed to get recruits, train them there, and then cross the border in lightning pace and do this raid that is now gotten them a lot closer to where they want' to be. >> and in terms of getting to iraq, i mean, many military people i have spoken to so far say iraq is a pretty strong hold for maliki, just the way that the city is set up so there isn't really the fear. although they are about 40 miles outside of baghdad is the thinking they will stop or is it -- or are they going all the way to baghdad? >> well, what they say is that they are going all the way to baghdad and beyond. that said, you know, it will be a much harder fight for them there, they won't have the element of surprise. you have to consider they have been a week now in mosul. one thing to repel a group and stop them. another thing once they have taken over a city and they have got support isers in that city. they have got baath ois
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members. that would be one bloody fight if iranian forces with them were to try to go into mosul. >> jason, thank you. president obama saying he is spending military advisors to iraq but not combat troops is that the right move? and could this be the start of a mission creep? representative and iraq war veteran gabber joins us, nice to see you. >> thank thank you, greta. >> you deployed to iraq in 2004. tell me as you watch all of this, what do you think? >> yeah, greta, i would like to tell you how i feel about this present situation because i feel pretty strongly because of those experiences that i have had. every single day that i'm home. i remember and carry with me the names and faces of my friends who did not come home. so it makes me very mad when i hear leaders in our country people like lindsey graham and john mccain, people who are responsible for the sacrificing of thousands of american lives, trillions of american taxpayer dollars and who are now beating these war drums again making the case look, if we just drop a few more
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bombs, if we just do a few more things militarily on the ground in iraq that somehow we will achieve peace and stability there when really that's just not true. >> so the president says he wants to send 300 advisors. is that going to make a difference in your mind or is that or is that the beginning of a mission creep. >> i don't think that will make a difference. >> you think he shouldn't do that. >> i have two real concerns about that what is the objective of these up to 300 military advisors that he is proposing. what will they be able to accomplish that has not already been tried and failed before. and, secondly by sending them in, these military advisors will be supporting and propping up the maliki led she a government that is really a pickup puppet for iran and that puts us at a greater national security risk by supporting this terrorist country that iran is. >> so, would you just simply do nothing? don't want to do what senator graham and mccain don't like the 300 advisors
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that president suggested. do nothing? >> recognize what is in the best interest of the united states? as a veteran, as a soldier, as a member of congress my number one priority is keeping the american people safe. what i would do is take the resources that we have. take the great military that we have and focus very directly on those who are providing direct threats to us. >> so you are saying air strikes? >> i'm not saying air strikes in this situation. >> what are you -- >> -- isis, al qaeda, other terrorist factions. we need to look at conducting unconventional, strategic precise operations to take out these terrorists wherever they are. >> all right. well, he they're marching to baghdad right now. and they are in mosul. and when you put them in a city, it's really hard to do anything because they just scatter. so recognizing where we are tonight. you don't want hundred advisors and don't want lindsey graham, senator mccain. give me your strategic plan. >> the problem with trying to take out isis in iraq, given this current situation is it in essence causes the
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united states to take sides. we will end up undermining our own national security by making enemies of the sunni/iraqi people who have been oppressed by and really disenfranchised by the current iraqi government. the solution here has to be an iraqi solution that's supporting maliki who is in bed with iran or isis who is also in bed with iran, which is bizarre. >> there are no good options here doing nothing? take our military assets which are great. we van amazing military. focus directly on terrorists wherever they are. >> they are in iraq. >> right. but, the current conditions on the ground in iraq, targeting isis doesn't mean that it will be a precise separation. there will be several ripple effects that will have damaging effects on our national security because of
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the conditions on the ground in iraq now. >> it certain solid a mess. that we can all agree on. anyway, congresswoman nice to see you. >> good to see you, greta. >> thank you for your service in iraq. >> thank you, aloha. >> if you think the crisis in iraq is far away and has nothing to do with you. think again, it's about to hit you right in the wallet. maria bartiromo is here to tell you ohio how. crisis at the border is growing. growing. thousands of immigrant upgrade to the philips norelco shaver series 8000 for the most advanced shaving experience. with gyroflex 3d technology, you can get to those hard to reach places for the ultimate shave wet or dry. guaranteed. visit now to save $50.
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fly to florida. win an award. close a deal. hire an intern. and still have time to spare. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business. built for business. >> conditions are terrible and it is a humanitarian crisis. >> thousands amend thousands of immigrant children making a perilous journey alone. parents are sending them from central aamerica across the border to the united states. this crisis has no end in sight. are there any solutions. joining us is charles krauthammer author of the book "things that matter." that's still on the "new york times" best seller list. charles, do you have any solutions to this border crisis? >> stop people from crossing. >> okay.
11:24 pm
>> this is what historically has been done for about 3,000 years. people put up fences or walls and they patrol. you are not going to shoot anybody. these are children. but it is very clear why this is happening. the administration, we just heard today the homeland security secretary said the cause of this is poverty and violence. tell me when in the history of central america you haven't had had both. that's a constant. so one thing the invitation now is the word has gotten out because of the dream act. because of the unilateral and i would say lawless change in the law abiding executive. the executive is not supposed to change the law. >> you mean president obama? >> president obama is changing laws that were written by congress. congress had a chance to enact the dream act which would allow people who came here as children to enjoy the fruits of american residency at least, perhaps citizenship. and it rejected it. and obama essentially enacted by executive order
11:25 pm
by telling ice, the immigration service, not to enforce that law. it's as if a republican who opposed the capital gains tax couldn't get congress to oppose it and orders the irs not to collect capital gains. it is an outrage and the word got out. >> all right. so, congress doesn't do anything to stop the president in the say the president is violating the law. it's an economic crisis. humanitarian crisis. it's probably going to be a health crisis. and now we have all these children who don't have parents. >> there is only one way to do. this this is a deliberate -- look, if i were a parent of these kids in guatemala, i would also try to smuggle them in because i know the word is already out with this administration if you get them, in they will stay in. they will live in america and then the parents and others will follow. the only way to do it is to let people know in central america, and this is a cruel, dangerous thing that is happening to entrust a child to a coyote to bring them all the way through mexico, you stop them at the border and you start sending
11:26 pm
them back. in a humane way, you are not going -- you say walk through mexico he. >> 8-year-old kid back? >> well, you are going to have people with them. i don't care if you have to have nurses and doctors and counselors, but when the buses start returning and return the children to the parents, world will be -- word will be out that it's not working. i guarantee you the wave will stop. >> let me turn to iraq. the president says 300 advisors. good idea? bad idea? indifferent? what? >> what is he doing is preparing the ground for the advisors and t most important element is intelligence to use our air assets if there is an emergency. if the bad guys start heading into baghdad, heading for the green zone, our embassy, then he will have the intelligence, he will have. >> so you support this? >> it's a minimal step. is he not engaging. it's not going to make any difference now. it's a contingent step to have us ready in an emergency. but the most important stuff is behind the scenes. the most important stuff is that there is is a new
11:27 pm
parliament. and maliki won only a minority of the seats. can he easily be replaced, a new parliament has to choose a new government. we are working with sunnis, with kurds, and even with radical shiites to get maliki out because he cannot govern. he has shown it he is sectarian and he has alienated the sunnies. that's the most important element as the president himself has said. you have to change the politics and then you can change the situation on the ground. charles, thank you. and the irs vanishing act. years of lois lerner's emails gone. did the irs deliberately destroy evidence of the targeting scandal? targeting scandal? house when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs.
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when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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so what i'm saying is, people like options. when you take geico, you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is, you have options. oh, how convenient. hey. crab cakes, what are you looking at? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. nixon lost 18 minutes. obama now lost two years of email. >> these things don't just disappear. >> this is outrageous. >> these emails hold a secret and all of the sudden we are asked to believe they have disappeared into thin air. >> i don't think anybody
11:32 pm
believes it. >> well, a a new twist. and it is a fascinating one in the irs targeting scandal. two years of lois lerner's emails disappear. poof. the irs telling congressional investigators that the emails were lost in the computer crash. but house oversight committee chair darrell issa says emails don't just disappear without a trace unless that was the intention chairman issa joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> i think the american public gets it when a disk drive quote crashes. the data is still there. and competent authorities can recover virtually, if not all of that data. it's clear that this disk drive went to the bone yard at a convenient time with convenient information. >> are you saying that it could still be recovered or are you saying that the they intentionally offloaded it so that it can't be? >> the federal records act requires that this data be retained. >> all right. so, did they retain it or did they offload it? >> when they destroyed -- recycled or destroyed the
11:33 pm
disk without informing the national archives, they violated the law. the national archives has now opened an investigation completely separate from ours into this series of wrongful destructions. >> and i have got the letter here from the archives. >> paul webster. >> dated june 17th. okay. was it deliberate or accidental or incompetent? however you want to say it was this deliberate destruction? >> i had a conversation with the archivists. his people train all of government on what to do. if your policy is not to retain on your servers past six months, which is what we now understand, and you tell your individual high-ranking officials they should retain the appropriate documents under the federal records act, then he now those drives contain that. >> there is being deliberate knowing that you didn't do it and deliberately doing something sinister because you are trying to hide something. two different things. which is it? >> the person who made the decision not to have this drive recovered is the person who took the fifth.
11:34 pm
lois lerner. >> all right. now, she wrote emails like, for instance, the fes. so even if she had a crash, whoever received it at the fec or if she wrote to the doj or anything, they should have them. >> greta. every email she sent out went to somebody on the other end. the problem is, except for the nsa under this administration. who has all those emails? >> well, can't you drop a subpoena? can you make the fes go to work? make the doj go to work. have you subpoena power. >> remember, much of her activity could have been with the committee to reelect president obama. >> you can serve a subpoena on them? >> can i serve a subpoenaen othe democratic national committee. >> well, get going. >> but, in fact, that kind of a fishing expedition is what henry waxman did under as predecessor of mine. and he did so because he just generally had an idea. we would like to be pragmatic and positive and reasonable. but right now when the irs falsely holds this information back, that they knew under multiple commissioners, our first
11:35 pm
responsibility, dave camp and myself is to put the commissioner in front of us and ask us what -- ask him what did he know and when did he know it and why didn't he tell us? >> he testified in february and he didn't tell you then and apparently supposed to know it by then. >> he was clearly not forthcoming and he was right on the edge of perjury. when he told our committee that, in fact, it could take up to two years to get this data, when he knew at that point, it could take up to forever. >> mr. chairman, nice to see you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> now, tell us what you think about this at home using #irs email excuses. joining us our political panel. the a.p. josh letterman the hill alexanderafterafter infantry and byron york. >> i think you can tell the irs -- the officials on the hill don't believe what the irs. reach down into the it department of the irs. not enough to hear just what the commissioner says. they have chairman camp and issa have requested to know
11:36 pm
who was doing the technically who was doing the stuff, who was searching for it, what they did, what they found, what they didn't find, so there is going to be an investigation of the investigation. >> all right. well, it's a little bit suspicious if the chairman or if the commissioner two years to recover these emails and this thing had crashed and supposedly in the summer of 2011. so i mean, he knew enough to say it would take two years. you think he would know enough to know it had crashed. >> exactly. that's one of sort of the outstanding questions we knew about who what went and why they weren't forthcoming with what they didn't know. clearly he was aware that this was a problem and didn't come to the committee with it and so i think that's a question that we'll want to find out answers to tomorrow. >> josh? >> i mean, there is this expression in politics that the coverup is always worse than the crime. and regardless of whether or not there was an intentional coverup here. the fact of the matter is, we are now talking about an investigation into the investigation. and who did what as they were trying to investigate what happened. what we're not talking about
11:37 pm
is what chairman issa started out investigating, which was was there targeting of political groups by the irs. so, you know, for democrats, they say, you know, well, look, we can talk about whether or not the irs's it practice its should be more up to date. that's really not what this was supposed to be about. republicans on the other hand, this is keeping the issue alive in the midst of this irs scandal, really having started to die out. this is bringing it back. >> you have to remember this kind of really struck them out of the blue, because, just yesterday, ice sand others were subpoenaing the hard drives. they wanted to get the hard drives, which assumes that they actually existed and now we find out that they are gone. >> you know what i think is appalling is that every single american knows exactly what would happen if when the irs is doing an audit and you said to them the dog ate my homework or the hard drive was dead. that's just what is so appalling. why in the world the irs gets a pass on this if it does when there isn't a single taxpayer that would. >> what else do they have
11:38 pm
issues with? i mean, what else in their i.t. will have the same issue, won't be available when it's needed? >> one of the things in 2014 that you just think in the age of g mail where everything that you send there is some copy out there in the cloud and we're told, you know, anything you do online it stays out there forever, it's just sort of hard for americans to really wrap their head around how really something disappears forever. >> 30 seconds. new house majority leader? >> not a surprise at all. i think his election. >> kevin mccarthy we should say. >> kevin mccarthy of california. his election was the product of hifl carefully cultivating the republican caucus. knowing all their phone numbers and emails. >> very likeable guy. >> he really, really kept in touch with everybody in that. >> so no surprise. we will see what happens in the house. anyway, panel, thank you. and check your gas tank. we're about to start a panic at the pump? how bad? fox business anchor maria bartiromo is here to tell you next. developing story, anthrax
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in iraq packing a punch. not just in iraq. now at home. gas prices spiking just as the summer driving season begins. for more on the economic impact fox business network maria bartiromo joins us. she is the anchor of "opening bell." just about the smartest person in business. what's the story on this gas stuff. >> greta, it's already 9-month high. oil having rallied in the face of all of this upset in iraq on the worry that production is going to get impacted. exports out of iraq are going to get impacted. remember, iraq is the second largest producer in opec behind the saudis, behind saudi arabia. there is a lot of worry that, in fact, the oil production facilities will get impacted so. far the fighting has been in northern iraq. and the bulk of the production and exports are actually in the south.
11:44 pm
so, they have not been impacted. production and exports have not been impacted in iraq so far. as you say, we are going into the summer driving season. that's peak demand for gasoline. approaching the end of the summer refineries start ramping up their output for heating oil going into the winter. very delicate time right now. we are already at nine month highs on oil because of the expectation and worry around it any more upset or acceleration of this fighting may very well create a major spike in gas and oil as well. >> what's the lag time? if there is a disruption today in iraq from the oil supply. the price isn't going to go up this afternoon. when are we going to feel from that disruption. how long before we feel that one. >> look, it's it the market. we are seeing a disruption immediately prices go up. so it's not like people will say oh, we haven't seen the disruption so we won't raise prices. as soon as it's in the news
11:45 pm
and it's out there that we have seen a disruption in production. the market will push prices higher. so, in fact, it may very well be immediately if not very soon after. >> so, it's not necessarily supply and demand. perception. >> absolutely. >> it's everyone's panic. >> absolutely. it's perception. if the perception is that we are going to see diminished supplies, that's exactly what happens in the housing market or any market. the market is going to create the demand and create certainly the pricing. >> maria, as you have got to come back. i love having you here at fox and fox business. i hope you will come back and often. >> thank you so much, greta. high gas acts as a tax and that impacts economic growth. it's t. acts as a bad cycle. >> doesn't sound good. >> thanks, greta. >> if you are a vet or you know a vet, you need to hear what the v.a. just did and you definitely don't want this happening to you or to anyone else you know. that's next.
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did you know a ten-second test could help your business avoid hours of delay caused by slow internet from the phone company? that's enough time to record a memo. idea for sales giveaway. return a call. sign a contract. pick a tie. take a break with mr. duck. practice up for the business trip. fly to florida. win an award. close a deal. hire an intern. and still have time to spare. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90.
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comcast business. built for business. let's all go off-the-record for just a minute. this is so messed up. i'm talking about what the v.a. just did. our troops serve us, they risk their lives. some lose their lives. some get seriously injured. when they come home they meet up with the v.a. that's where they may find the icing on the cake. i thought i learned the worst when i heard about the v.a. long waiting list. how could the v.a. be so incompetent. well, put on your seat belt. the v.a. just topped itself. it declared joe moore is dead. what's wrong with that? well, is he not dead. in fact, is he very much alive. then it gets worse. the v.a. suddenly decides to be efficient so they pass the bum information over to the social social information telling them corporal is
11:51 pm
dead. so social security declares him dead. if you think that's wrong, try getting yourself declared undead from our government. that has convinced you are dead. what a nightmare that is yes, corporal morris is alive, very much alive and on this one our v.a. is dead, just dead stupid. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. but, if you don't believe me, on that one, that he is alive, let me introduce to you a very much alive veteran. corporal joe morris joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. how are you? >> very well. so you are alive? >> yes, ma'am. >> so, how did you find out that the v.a. had declared you dead? >> april first came and went i never received my check i normally get at the first of every month. so i decided it call on the 14th. i called on the 14th, talked to one of the v.a. reps. and the rep wanted me to set up direct deposit and said the check had been lost in the mail. so i set up direct deposit. into my banking account.
11:52 pm
so i auto would no longer get checks and they couldn't get lost. a week passed and my mother got a condolence letter in the mail saying that i had passed away and that i was dead. i told her i wasn't. i'm still here. i haven't gone anywhere. and that's whenever things got really strange for me. >> all right. so what happened next you told the v.a. you weren't dead. what happened? how did the social security administration get into this? at the beginning of may, me and my wife were trying to purchase a house. we were looking for a house. they started it run my credit report so they v.a. loan. that's when the credit report came back saying i was dead. what i was wondering is why they would let me set up direct deposit on the 14th if they had me classified dead on the first. >> so you have now gotten them to undeclare you dead?
11:53 pm
>> i haven't had any documentation yet, greta. i'm waiting on that now. >> all right. so, but what did they tell you that you had to do? to prove that you were alive? what are these steps that you have to go through? >> i went down it the v.a., to the regional office here in houston. and i talked to a man down there. he brought me in the back. had me fill out a statement saying that i was alive and he plugged something into the computer and said you are good to go. you will be alive again and everything will go back to normal in 10 days. the 10 days came and went. we applied for some loans. and they came back that i was still dead. the gentleman at the v.a. never took any of my i.d. he never took my passport that i brought with me. he just allowed me to walk in, fill out a -- some paperwork and declared me alive again. >> all right. so -- i mean, did you ever get the checks? even when you went to the v.a. did you ever get that april 1st check that they owe you? >> no, ma'am. i never got the april check.
11:54 pm
i have received may and june though. >> all right. so, at least -- have you asked where is my april check? are they going to give that you one? >> they said they had to do an investigation before they could release the check. >> what, to make sure that you are not dead? >> to make sure that no one has cashed the check, i suppose. >> corporal, good luck. you know, i just dent know what to say. you are obviously alive. i wish you the best of luck. >> yes, ma'am. >> i hope that you are the only one who has been falsely declared dead. i guess, you know, whatever. right? >> i appreciate it, greta. i hope i'm the only one also. i hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. >> i hope the social security administration, if he they are watching, they can fix this too as well. thank you, sir. >> thank you, ma'am. thank you. >> and coming up, anthrax scare, dozens
11:55 pm
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11:58 pm
get ready to speed read
11:59 pm
your way through the news. anthrax scare at the cdc, 7 a workers may have been accidently exposed to anthrax at the a safety lax at the lab. risk of infection is low but as a precaution the workers are taking antibiotics. a u.s. marine who threw himself on a grenade toive a fellow marine's life getting the medal of honor. corporal serving in afghanistan in 2010 when he was severely injured by the grenade blast. four years later and dozens of surgeries later he received the nation's highest military honor. president obama saying corporal carpenter displayed heroism that will inspire for generations. the ntsb says the truck driver who slammed into tracy morgan's limo was speeding at the time of the crash. morgan remains hospitalized in fair condition and that's tonight's speed read. thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow night right here at 7 p.m. eastern. just a reminder, and this is important, pick up your tvr remote and set a series recording for "on the record" each night. that way you will never miss "on the record" and you can go to get and sit and talk with all of us on
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the show about the issues. go to gretawire and answer this question. should president obama send combat forces to iraq? good idea or bad idea? vote in our poll. good night from washington. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," how extreme did lou dobbs and his best broheims get in the bahamas? the footage that will show you how to properly grip it and rip it. and how does the vice president feel about two broke girls getting renewed for another season? >> it is outrageous. what in the hell are we doing? this is not show vaw niche. show. >> and are some yogurts racist? how to spot these and other bigoted foods before you buy. >> i'm andy levy filling in for greg gutfeld. let's welcome ou


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